We are excited to present the findings from the 2017 Annual Business Analysis Salary Survey Summary Report. The data for this survey was collected worldwide with over 5,200 professionals responding from 109 countries.
There are five key findings from the data:

  • The data shows that for the first time women are now earning higher salary than men in comparison to previous years. Worldwide, women earn an average of $78,980 annually, while men average $75,410.  These results differ from previous surveys, which showed that women made 16% less than their male counterparts.


  • Average salary of top 5 certification holders is $85,804, that is 11% on average more in earnings in comparison to non-certification holders. 41% hold at least one of the top 5 certifications identified in the survey.


20.3% of respondents report into a center of excellence or PMO


  • In this industry, nothing beats experience. Each year of experience provides $2,096 more in salary, but when combined with a master’s degree, the earnings are $2,566 more per year. Over a 30 year career, that is roughly a $15,000 difference.


  • Picking the right industry to work in can pay off. Working in the top five industries will earn you 11% to 27% more than working in in other industries.


  • 20% of survey participants are reporting to a Center of Excellence (COE). Organizations are recognizing the value of COEs to drive large scale change, innovation, and transformation initiatives. 46% of respondents report into a solution space (IT or Project Management). 34% of respondents report into a Business/Products Function Group.

2017 IIBA Salary Guide will be available in the coming month.
*The statistical significance has been calculated to be + or - 3% based on the number and quality of respondents and the breakdown of the regions, and all salary data reported is in U.S. dollars.

Comments (4)

  • anon
    Zyril Baguisi (not verified)

    May I ask, where did the other respondengs report to aside domain function, and solution space?

    Aug 24, 2017
  • Editor's picture

    Hi Zyril. Thank you for your question. Full salary results will be available next month. Please look out for those to find out more.

    Aug 24, 2017
  • anon
    Drew Curtis (not verified)

    Any updates on when the full salary results will be available?

    Oct 18, 2017

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