According to the World Economic Forum (WEF), the Fourth Industrial Revolution will be unlike anything humankind has experienced before due to the sheer scale, scope and complexity of its transformation. Despite this, the belief is that the skills of business analysis will remain relevant and in high demand. Business analysis skills will anchor and enable this new revolution.
Join us at the Business Analysis Summit 2017 to learn how you can prepare yourself and your organization for the biggest industrial revolution yet. Welcome to Business Analysis 4.0!
Take a look at our four exciting tracks:

Competition is greater than ever before. Competitive advantage requires quicker delivery of value-added solutions, and to be able to enhance these solutions as quickly as the organisation evolves.To meet these pressures, organisational goals need to be translated into solutions that drive value, are released quicker and take advantage of the latest trends. With technological advances and added compliance and information security, the role of the business analyst needs to evolve to survive in this new future.We are going to be looking at the future fundamentals to ensure that we as business analysts are positioned to meet the lean thinking, skills and competencies for the future.

This track is for the practical take aways, tangible tips and tricks, and adding to the BA tool box. Learn something new, and practice it in your business the following week. Open the tool box that business analysis practitioners use to discover, uncover, analyse and synthesise; hear about a method or approach that helped create value for business; or explore a prized technique, such as prototyping, design thinking, systems thinking, customer experience models etc. Raise the stakes of how to practice business analysis.

“Some people see the glass half full. Others see it half empty. I see a glass that's twice as big as it needs to be” – George Carlin.A fresh perspective is often all that is needed to open our eyes to new possibilities. With this in mind, the Perspectives stream will provide fresh insights into the Business Analysis profession from business, industry and thought leaders. Hear how they see Business Analysis evolving over the coming years, how we can maximize our value to our organizations in a South African, African and global context now and into the future.

Organizational agility is today considered a core competency, a competitive advantage, and a core differentiator that requires strategic thinking, an innovative mindset, exploitation of change and an unrelenting need to be adaptable and proactive at all times. This track is about sharing thought leadership, practical case studies and knowledge on how business analysis and business analysts can help to make their organizations more dynamic while maintaining internal stability at the same time.

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