It used to be that you would grab the hardcopy BABOK® Guide v3  sitting on the bookshelf in your workspace or you opened a copy of your PDF. You immediately jumped to the section you were looking for. Maybe it was the techniques section for business model canvas or mind mapping or non-functional requirements analysis. It was and continues to be your go-to-resource, but what if it was even easier to create your own modelling environment?
Fast forward to 2017, Sparx Systems and IIBA® have made it much easier to increase your productivity and deliver value even faster.
Recently, through a joint collaboration and common commitment to advancing the business analysis community, Sparx Systems and IIBA announced the release of a toolkit for IIBA’s Business Analysis Body of Knowledge® (BABOK® Guide v3 ), which is supported by Sparx Systems’ Pro Cloud Server and a MDG Technology within Enterprise Architect.


The Enterprise Architect Tools & Techniques for BABOK® Guide v3 is the product of a Memorandum of Understanding between Sparx Systems and IIBA in 2015. Together, the two organizations agreed to work together to create greater connections and engagements across the business analysis community. The Enterprise Architect Tools & Techniques for BABOK® Guide v3 is the first deliverable from the joint collaboration. Learn more about our strategic alliance with Sparx Systems.


As a business analysis professional, you need access to the leading-edge tools and resources. This toolkit will allow BAs to meet any challenge with instant access to BABOK® Guide v3  in a convenient and familiar web-based format. It helps practitioners utilize the standardized guide and tools for business analysis while ensuring connectivity and a comprehensive knowledge base of your organization. Enterprise Architect provides you with a powerful, traceable tool that can you can use with your stakeholders across the organization.
This agile solution will provide business analysis practitioners with the team-based ability to share a technology with BABOK® Guide v3 tasks and techniques, which are embedded directly into the tool. From ideation to implementation, the new tool combines IIBA's internationally recognized standard for business analysis with Sparx Systems' modelling platform.
“ It is the first-time business analysis techniques have been actualized in this way, and the solution has the capacity to revolutionize the way the BABOK® Guide v3  is applied within the enterprise,”, Sparx Systems COO Tom O'Reilly said.
Implementing the BABOK® Guide v3  standards and terminology, within Sparx Systems' Enterprise Architect, provides strong support for requirements management and business modelling techniques in order for BAs to use the best practices from the community. Access to sample models will help you get up and running and help improve the delivery of better business outcomes. 


In Enterprise Architect’s powerful model wizard, practitioners can use model patterns for all BABOK® Guide v3 options and the following can be created:
• The Framework
• Technique Pattern
• Standard Documents
• Customize a variety of business process and organization charts

The Tools & Techniques for BABOK® Guide v3  enables all project members to collaborate directly with the project. Enterprise Architect provides models and extends BABOK® Guide v3  task and techniques and provides practical examples of how to implement techniques. Enterprise Architect Sample Models contain a selection of pre-populated models, allowing Business Analysis practitioners to start modelling quickly. This also helps to facilitate model re-use and establish best practice modelling techniques.

Experience the benefits, tools and techniques now. For more information, visit

“The Enterprise Architect Tools & Techniques for BABOK® Guide v3  is a dynamic, new agile collaboration solution for the global business analysis community,” said Ken Fulmer, President and CEO, IIBA. “BABOK® Guide has become the recognized standard and essential guide for practitioners around the world, and now professionals have instant access and direction in a step-by-step manner. It is truly revolutionizing how BAs can use the BABOK® Guide v3 ”.

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